Toyota Motor has a plan to grow its presence in the European electric car market. They want to introduce six electric models by 2026. Toyota believes these cars will make up more than 20% of all new cars sold in Europe. This is part of their work to be stronger in the market against other companies.

Toyota has plans to bring new electric cars to Europe in the next few years. These include a small SUV in 2024 and a sports model in 2025. These plans match Toyota’s current sales of an electric car in Europe. Toyota wants to sell 250,000 electric cars each year in Europe by 2026. They want to focus more on electric cars for big changes in the market. Also, Toyota is starting a new part of the company in Europe just for hydrogen. This part will work on hydrogen technology and make deals with other companies. Toyota plans to sell hydrogen-powered trucks and cars in Europe and China. They want to show they care about clean energy solutions.