Toyota Motor has shared its plan to expand its presence in the European electric vehicle (EV) market. The company aims to introduce six battery-powered models by 2026. Predicting a rise in demand, Toyota expects these electric cars to make up over 20% of all new car sales in Europe by that time. This move is part of Toyota’s effort to regain a stronger position in the market, especially against other competing brands.

Toyota has revealed plans to bring new EV models to Europe in the next few years. These include a battery-powered small SUV expected in 2024 and a sports crossover model set to debut in 2025. These plans complement Toyota’s current sale of a battery EV in Europe and a concept for a compact sports utility vehicle shown previously. With a goal of selling 250,000 electric vehicles annually in Europe by 2026, Toyota aims to intensify its focus on electrification strategies for a significant market shift. Alongside this, Toyota announced the launch of a separate business unit in Europe solely dedicated to hydrogen. This unit will concentrate on advancing fuel-cell technology and forming business partnerships to promote hydrogen-based systems. Toyota plans to focus on marketing hydrogen-powered trucks and cars in both European and Chinese markets, emphasizing its dedication to sustainable and varied clean energy solutions.