Toyota Motor has revealed its strategic plan to bolster its presence in the European electric vehicle (EV) market, outlining an ambitious expansion to offer six battery-powered models by 2026. Foreseeing a significant surge in demand, the automaker anticipates that these electric vehicles will constitute more than 20% of all new car sales within the European region by the stipulated year. This unveiling aligns with Toyota’s pursuit of a robust market share resurgence, especially in a landscape where it has been overshadowed by competing brands.

The company disclosed its intention to introduce new EV concepts to the European market in the coming years. Among these plans is the launch of a battery-powered small SUV slated for 2024, alongside a sports crossover model set for introduction in 2025. These initiatives complement Toyota’s ongoing endeavors, which include the current sale of a battery EV in Europe and a previously exhibited compact sports utility vehicle concept. Aiming for an ambitious goal of selling 250,000 electric vehicles annually in Europe by 2026, Toyota anticipates a remarkable shift in its market trajectory, emphasizing an intensified focus on electrification strategies. In parallel to its electric vehicle pursuits, Toyota announced the establishment of a dedicated business unit concentrated on hydrogen in Europe. With the goal of advancing fuel-cell technology and cultivating commercial partnerships, the company aims to accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen-based systems. Following through on its commitment, Toyota intends to concentrate on marketing hydrogen-powered trucks and cars in European and Chinese markets, reflecting its broader commitment to sustainable and diverse clean energy solutions.