China faces unexpected winter challenges: rare snowfall disrupts Guangdong, causing issues in Beijing, including a train brake failure. Initial predictions for a warmer winter proved wrong after one of the warmest Octobers. Guangdong takes precautions, and Beijing sees historic lows of -15.5°C. The cold snap, lasting until Thursday, affected northern areas, Inner Mongolia, and the Yangtze River regions, with temperatures 7°C lower than usual. Despite challenges, Harbin hosts its largest ice sculpture festival. Zhengzhou’s heating strains risk a decline for older communities, and over 50 tourists face a two-hour stranded situation in Zhejiang’s cable cars. The unexpected challenges underscore the impact of this unusual winter weather in different parts of China.

While Harbin is making the most of the freezing conditions with its largest-ever ice sculpture festival featuring over 1,000 creations, challenges are emerging elsewhere. Zhengzhou’s heating system is strained, risking a decline in heating for residents in older communities. Additionally, over 50 tourists were stranded for two hours in Zhejiang province’s cable cars due to unpredictable weather. Despite the freezing temperatures, all were unharmed, underscoring the unexpected challenges posed by this unusual winter weather in different parts of China.