India, recognized as one of the world’s top sugar makers, is facing a big problem this year. The country is not getting enough rain, causing a significant drop in how much sugar they can make. This shortage might force India to buy sugar from other countries for the first time in seven years instead of selling it like they usually do. The main reason for this problem is that farmers in important sugarcane-growing places like Maharashtra and Karnataka are planting less sugarcane.

Due to low rainfall, lakes and rivers have less water. This forces farmers to grow crops like sorghum and chickpeas that need less water and grow faster than sugarcane. This could mean less sugar until September 2025. India usually sells 12% of the world’s sugar but might need to buy sugar from other countries by the first half of 2025. This could raise sugar prices worldwide, helping Brazil, the top sugar seller. Even though the government has not spoken, people in the sugar business predict less sugar production, and India might need to buy sugar from abroad. needs.