In Santa Monica, near Los Angeles, a new event named Icebreakers is getting noticed. Kyle Cassidy and Aryan Davani, who started IcePass, are behind this special gathering. Their goal is to help single people meet and talk by using ice baths.

Icebreakers start with soothing meditation and music. Participants are paired randomly and chat briefly in icy water wearing swimsuits. Initially challenged by the cold, 25-year-old dancer Caitlyn Moyer swiftly connected with her partner, 27-year-old engineer Miles Gibson, through eye contact. Gibson’s aim was not solely love-seeking but exploring novel experiences, showcasing Icebreakers’ appeal to various individuals, including athletes benefiting from cold baths for muscle recovery. Icebreakers is more about making friends than just finding someone to date. It has helped seven couples go on more dates, and three relationships are still going strong. The organizers suggest letting connections grow on their own. Whitney Hancock, a 36-year-old mental health worker, appreciated feeling close to 39-year-old video producer Dustin Steward in the cold water, despite the discomfort, and admired Steward’s kindness.