In a coastal city near Los Angeles, singles are changing their usual dating scene for something more chilling—ice baths. This new dating trend, named Icebreakers, takes place in Santa Monica. Participants, clad in swimwear, engage in speed dating within freezing water pools, aiming to stimulate conversations and connections.

The event, Icebreakers, initiated by Kyle Cassidy and Aryan Davani, founders of IcePass, commences with meditation and a musical session, establishing the ambiance for the frigid encounters. Attendees, randomly paired up, submerge themselves in 37-degree Fahrenheit (2.78°C) water and discuss conversation-starting questions provided on waterproof cards during three-minute sessions. One attendee, Caitlyn Moyer, a 25-year-old dancer, expressed initial difficulty focusing on the questions due to the extreme cold. However, she found a connection by locking eyes with her partner, 27-year-old engineer Miles Gibson. Gibson attended, not specifically seeking love but to embrace authenticity and openness to new experiences. The concept originated from the popularity of ice baths among athletes for muscle recovery. Despite the event’s focus on connecting rather than pursuing love, seven couples have progressed to second dates, and three are still together. Kyle Cassidy advised participants not to force connections but to enjoy the experience and let love unfold naturally. Whitney Hancock, a 36-year-old mental health worker, shared her ice bath experience with 39-year-old video producer Dustin Steward. The depth of their connection despite the discomfort of the freezing water surprised her, and Steward’s kindness during their encounter was praised.