Parisians seeking stress relief now have a unique way to unwind: “puppy yoga.” This innovative concept combines traditional yoga exercises with the joy of cuddling adorable puppies. The idea behind Puppy Yoga Paris, founded by Ella Rubinski, aims to provide relaxation and happiness to busy city dwellers, especially those who cannot keep pets due to long work hours or limited space in their homes.

At Puppy Yoga Paris, participants enjoy 20 minutes of yoga followed by 40 minutes of playtime with adorable puppies, such as ten Golden Retrievers. Founder Ella Rubinski notes its appeal to busy Parisians in small spaces, aiming to create a relaxing environment through the presence of these delightful animals. Each week, Puppy Yoga Paris conducts multiple sessions featuring purebred puppies and kittens aged between six to 12 weeks. The sessions cost 35 euros before but increased to 45 euros this year. Ella Rubinski has collaborated with local breeders who rent out the animals for these sessions, where the puppies stay for a few hours before departing in the evening. Encouraged by the rising interest, Rubinski has opened a similar center in Madrid and plans to establish more centers across France in 2024, hoping to spread the joy of yoga coupled with playful puppies to more people. This novel concept, blending yoga with playful puppies, aims to provide a unique avenue for relaxation and happiness, catering to the needs of busy Parisians seeking relief from their hectic lifestyles. Ella Rubinski’s vision includes expanding this venture across France, offering more individuals the opportunity to experience the combined benefits of yoga and the delightful presence of young animals.