Parisians now have “puppy yoga” to relax and reduce stress. It combines yoga with cuddling cute puppies. Ella Rubinski, who created Puppy Yoga Paris, aims to bring calmness and joy, especially to busy people unable to have pets due to work or small homes.

At Puppy Yoga Paris, people do 20 minutes of yoga and then play with cute puppies for 40 minutes. Ella Rubinski thinks it’s perfect for busy city residents with small homes, aiming for a peaceful vibe with these adorable animals. Sessions cost 35 euros initially and increased to 45 euros this year. Ella Rubinski partners with local breeders who bring the animals; the puppies stay briefly and then leave. Because lots of people are interested, she opened a center in Madrid and wants to open more across France in 2024. This special way of doing yoga with playful puppies helps busy Parisians relax and find happiness in their busy lives. Ella Rubinski wants to grow this business all over France so more people can do yoga and enjoy being with young animals.