Parisians in search of stress relief now have an extraordinary way to relax: “puppy yoga.” This fresh idea merges typical yoga exercises with the happiness of cuddling adorable puppies. Ella Rubinski, the creator of Puppy Yoga Paris, started this to bring calmness and joy to busy city residents, particularly those unable to own pets due to long work hours or small living spaces.

At Puppy Yoga Paris, people engage in 20 minutes of yoga followed by 40 minutes of fun with cute puppies, like ten Golden Retrievers. Ella Rubinski explains how it attracts busy city dwellers in compact homes, aiming to create a peaceful atmosphere with these charming animals. The sessions cost 35 euros before but increased to 45 euros this year. Ella Rubinski partners with local breeders who supply animals for the sessions; the puppies stay briefly before departing in the evening. Inspired by the increasing interest, she has launched a center in Madrid and aims to open more across France in 2024, sharing the happiness of yoga with playful puppies with a larger audience. This unique concept of combining yoga with playful puppies aims to provide a special way for busy Parisians to relax and find joy in their busy lives. Ella Rubinski plans to expand this business across France, allowing more people to experience the benefits of yoga while enjoying the delightful company of young animals.