Chronic Care Staffing, LLC (CCS), a well-known company providing virtual care management services, recently integrated advanced customer engagement software powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This move aims to enhance patient interactions and monitor Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). CCS, established in 2015, focuses on helping health centers and private practices improve patient care, outcomes, and satisfaction, aligning with the current trend where payment is increasingly linked to better results and patient satisfaction scores. Connor Danielowski, the Chief Operating Officer, emphasizes the benefits of increased patient satisfaction, such as improved outcomes, cost savings, and overall well-being. Research indicates that satisfied patients are more likely to adhere to treatment plans, leading to better results, and are less likely to use unnecessary healthcare services, resulting in cost savings for payers. Connecting reimbursement to patient satisfaction scores showcases payors’ commitment to delivering quality care and promoting clinical excellence.

The integrated AI software enhances patient satisfaction by providing real-time coaching and feedback to remote clinical staff during calls, improving skills, and resolving issues more efficiently. Automated call scoring identifies areas for improvement, contributing to overall customer service enhancement. Cas Danielowski, President of Chronic Care Staffing, views AI as a timely solution for remote healthcare, ensuring quick, reliable connections between clinicians and patients, resulting in faster call resolution times and improved service.