Elvis Presley fans who missed seeing him perform live will soon have an exciting opportunity to experience his presence through a special virtual reality show. Layered Reality, a company that creates enjoyable experiences, is developing “Elvis Evolution.” They are using advanced technology like AI, holograms, and live theater to bring back the spirit of the famous King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Andrew McGuinness, the leader at Layered Reality, shared that the main aim of Elvis Evolution is to honor Elvis’s life, musical talent, and lasting influence on culture. The show will present important moments from Elvis’s life, starting from his birth in Tupelo, Mississippi, going through Memphis, Tennessee (where Graceland is), and ending in Las Vegas. Elvis’s AI-powered performance stands out in “Elvis Evolution.” Layered Reality partnered with Authentic Brands Group to access personal photos and videos, adding depth to the show. Recent movies about Elvis reignited interest, prompting McGuinness to create “Elvis Evolution,” aiming to captivate both existing and new fans. After London, the show travels globally, including cities like Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Berlin, inviting everyone to experience Elvis’s magic.