In recent times, Tesla, a big name in making electric cars, found itself in a tough sales competition with China’s BYD. The focus is not just on who sold the most cars but more on BYD’s success in China, the world’s biggest market for new cars and a big deal in electric vehicles.

In late 2023, BYD sold 526,409 electric cars, a bit more than Tesla’s 484,507. Throughout the year, Tesla sold 1.8 million, surpassing BYD’s 1.6 million. Despite growing electric car sales, they remain a small part of all new car sales. Tesla and BYD are expanding production in various countries. Despite Tesla’s challenges in China and potential parts shortages, both prioritize leading in technology. China’s electric car industry, with companies like CATL and Nio, is advancing in new technology. Tesla’s battery coating issues for its Cybertruck highlight the importance of leading in technology. The competition between Tesla and BYD indicates the growing electric car industry and the need for fresh ideas in this fast-growing market.