Elvis Presley fans who did not get to see him perform live will soon have an amazing chance to feel his presence through a special virtual reality show. Layered Reality, a company that makes fun experiences, is creating “Elvis Evolution.” They are using cool technology like AI, holograms, and live theater to bring back the spirit of the famous King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Andrew McGuinness, the boss at Layered Reality, shared that the main goal of Elvis Evolution is to honor Elvis’s life, music skills, and lasting impact on culture. The show will showcase key moments from Elvis’s life, spanning from his birth in Tupelo, Mississippi, to Memphis, Tennessee (Graceland’s location), and ending in Las Vegas. An AI-generated performance by Elvis stands as the highlight. Layered Reality collaborated with Authentic Brands Group, the caretaker of Elvis Presley’s possessions, obtaining crucial personal photos and videos to craft the remarkable AI performances. Even though Elvis passed away a long time ago, recent movies about him have sparked new interest among people who did not know much about him before. McGuinness says that Elvis Evolution is made to impress both die-hard fans and newbies by giving them deep insights into Elvis’s life and talents. After starting in London, the show will travel to different cities around the world, like Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Berlin, letting everyone experience the magic of Elvis’s performances.