The KTOZ Shelter for Homeless Animals in Poland recently started “Operation Frost” to deal with an upcoming very cold period. The shelter urgently asked people to either take in or give temporary homes to dogs because of the extremely cold weather. This request led to a huge response, with many people adopting dogs over the weekend. Małgorzata Pałetko, the shelter’s deputy manager, shared that an incredible 120 puppies found new homes, surprising the shelter staff. The initial plea was made on Friday, expecting a significant drop in temperature in parts of southern Poland, especially in Krakow, where the shelter is situated. With around 300 dogs in their care and limited indoor space, the shelter sought temporary help to make sure all dogs could be protected from the cold. The shelter suspended “Operation Frost” as it accommodated all dogs indoors due to overwhelming public support. The police, vital in managing traffic, adopted an adorable pup named Mombaj, sharing the heartwarming experience on social media. Małgorzata Pałetko praised the shelter’s successful pet-owner matches, expressing hope for the dogs to find permanent, loving homes.