The KTOZ Shelter for Homeless Animals in Poland recently launched “Operation Frost” to tackle the approaching severe cold spell. The shelter urgently appealed for individuals to either adopt or provide temporary shelter for dogs due to the extreme cold weather. This call to action generated an overwhelming response, leading to a significant number of people adopting dogs over the weekend. Małgorzata Pałetko, the shelter’s deputy manager, reported that an astonishing 120 pups found new homes, surprising the shelter staff. The initial plea was issued on Friday, anticipating a substantial drop in temperatures in parts of southern Poland, specifically in Krakow, where the shelter is situated. With around 300 dogs in their care and limited indoor space, especially considering outdoor pens, the shelter sought temporary assistance to ensure all dogs could be protected from the cold.

Thanks to the tremendous public response, the shelter successfully accommodated all its dogs indoors, prompting the suspension of “Operation Frost.” Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, the shelter encouraged people to lend a helping hand to other shelters in need. The local police played a crucial role in managing the traffic outside the shelter during this process. Remarkably, they adopted an adorable brown pup named Mombaj and shared their experience on social media, describing it as a “beautiful and emotional day.” Małgorzata Pałetko emphasized the shelter’s efforts to ensure good matches between the animals and their new owners, expressing hope that the adopted dogs would eventually find permanent and loving homes.