The Museum of the Forma Urbis in Rome has officially opened. It is in a new park near the famous Colosseum, and it is part of a plan to bring more visitors to the city. The mayor, Roberto Gualtieri, shared his happiness during the opening, saying the project wants to connect the city’s streets with its museums, making it easier for people to enjoy the beauty of Rome and learn about its past. The star of the show is the Forma Urbis, a special map made from marble a very long time ago. Even though parts of the map have disappeared over the years, about 10% of it has survived, including pieces that show famous places like the Colosseum. These surviving bits have not been displayed together since 1924. Now, in the museum, they are shown on a copy of an old map, helping people see how Rome looked in ancient times. The open-air park around the museum, on Caelian Hill, is making Rome even better, connecting important places from history, like the Imperial Forums, Roman Forum, Colosseum, and the Appia Antica region.