Apple’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro headset, has the potential to revolutionize both home television viewing and workplace computer usage. Priced at $3,500, this cutting-edge device combines three-dimensional digital content with a view of the real world, aiming to surpass traditional television and Mac computers. Available in Apple stores across the U.S., the Vision Pro faces competition from more affordable options by Meta Platforms, HTC, and others that have primarily catered to the video game market.

Despite the high cost, the Vision Pro boasts custom computing chips and advanced displays, setting it apart from its competitors. Notably, major streaming services like Netflix and YouTube have not committed to creating dedicated apps for the device, relying instead on the Safari web browser. However, Walt Disney has collaborated with Apple for years, unveiling an immersive Disney+ app for the Vision Pro. This app transports viewers into various environments, allowing them to experience popular movies like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Avengers: Endgame” in innovative ways. The Vision Pro, though not expected to be an immediate best-seller, has the potential to transform media consumption, offering new possibilities for storytelling and enhancing live events and theme park experiences. Its collaboration with Disney highlights its ability to immerse users in characters and narratives, strengthening their connection to content. Despite uncertainties about alignment with Steve Jobs’ vision, experts believe the Vision Pro serves as a versatile platform, surpassing traditional TVs with productivity and social features. With a projected production of 1 million units and a high price, it may appeal to business purchasers, reminiscent of the early Mac computer era.