NotCo, a company in Chile that makes plant-based foods, has created a new soup that tastes like traditional turtle soup but does not contain any turtle. This innovative product was developed using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze over 300,000 plant species. The technology helped them find the perfect blend of five plant proteins that mimic the flavor of turtle meat. This is important because it offers a way to enjoy this dish without harming endangered turtles, which are often hunted for their meat. The development of this unique soup is the subject of a documentary that explores the scientific and production processes involved. Bernardo Moltedo, who leads this AI-driven project at NotCo, explained that their goal has been to change how food is made and to use technology to protect the environment. Although the soup is not yet for sale, NotCo plans to hold a virtual class to teach people how to make this environmentally friendly dish. This initiative aims to promote awareness and conservation of endangered species like the green turtle.