In a notable innovation by NotCo, a Chilean company known for plant-based foods, a new soup has been created that tastes like traditional turtle soup but contains no actual turtle. Achieved with the aid of advanced artificial intelligence, this soup was formulated by analyzing over 300,000 plant species and creating 260 quintillion combinations to find a perfect mix of five plant proteins. This technological breakthrough is significant not only for its culinary novelty but also for its contribution to environmental conservation by offering an alternative to consuming endangered turtles, which are often hunted for their meat.

The development of this faux turtle soup has been documented in a film that details the intensive scientific and production processes involved. Bernardo Moltedo, the leader of this AI-driven culinary project at NotCo, explained that the initiative has been years in the making, motivated by a desire to challenge traditional food production and utilize technology for ecological benefits. While the plant-based meat and soup are not yet available for sale, NotCo, which is set to go public in 2025, plans to offer a virtual class to teach people how to prepare this sustainable dish, thus promoting awareness and conservation of endangered species like the green turtle.