A new TV show is sharing the early life of Mahatma Gandhi, focusing on his time in Britain where he studied law before becoming an important figure in India’s history. This show, based on the research of historian Ramachandra Guha, reveals Gandhi’s life before he became well-known in India. It will have three seasons and show how Gandhi’s youth shaped him, similar to character development in popular series like ‘The Crown’. This helps highlight how Gandhi’s early experiences were very important, even though people often focus more on his later achievements.

The project, started by Applause Entertainment and managed by Sameer Nair, aims to show Gandhi’s early struggles and successes accurately. Launched this year, it’s being filmed in both India and Britain to make it authentic for viewers worldwide. Director Hansal Mehta and actor Pratik Gandhi, who has played Gandhi before, want to make Gandhi relatable, showing how his greatness came from many different experiences. Having British actor Tom Felton also helps connect with a global audience, especially younger viewers, making the show both educational and inspiring.