A new television series is bringing the lesser-known early life of Mahatma Gandhi to the screen, exploring his formative years in Britain where he studied law before becoming a seminal figure in India’s history. This biographical series is informed by the detailed studies of historian Ramachandra Guha, whose works delve into Gandhi’s life before his prominent role in India. The show, spanning three seasons, offers a glimpse into how Gandhi’s youth shaped the leader he would become, much like the character development depicted in acclaimed series like ‘The Crown’. This narrative choice underscores how Gandhi’s early experiences were pivotal yet often overshadowed by his later monumental achievements.

This ambitious project, initiated by Applause Entertainment and under the stewardship of managing director Sameer Nair, aims to authentically capture the essence of Gandhi’s early challenges and milestones. Launched earlier this year, the production takes place in both India and Britain, ensuring a portrayal that resonates with international authenticity. Director Hansal Mehta and actor Pratik Gandhi, who has no relation but has portrayed Gandhi on stage, strive to present a Gandhi that viewers can relate to—a man whose greatness was crafted through diverse life experiences. The inclusion of British actor Tom Felton as Josiah Oldfield enriches this narrative, bridging cultural gaps and aiming to engage a global, especially younger, audience, thus amplifying the educational and inspirational value of the series.