In an amazing example of animal cleverness, Rakus, a male Sumatran orangutan, used natural medicine to heal a wound from a fight with another orangutan in June 2022. This happened in Indonesia, in a protected rainforest where Sumatran orangutans live. Rakus hurt his face below his right eye and used leaves from the Akar Kuning plant, which is not usually eaten by orangutans but has healing properties. He chewed the leaves to get their juice and put it on his wound, also eating some leaves. Isabelle Laumer and Caroline Schuppli from the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior published a study in the Scientific Reports journal. They explained that Rakus’ treatment was careful, focusing only on the hurt part. He kept doing it until his wound healed completely in five days. This shows how smart orangutans are and suggests their problem-solving abilities. Researchers believe Rakus may have learned this behavior from other orangutans or figured it out by chance.