A massive fire broke out near Fort McMurray, Alberta, on May 15, 2024, forcing people to leave their homes. Thankfully, the wind was expected to help calm the fire. This happened during Canada’s fire season, which happens every year, especially after last year when there were many fires across the country. Around 6,600 people had to evacuate parts of Fort McMurray, remembering a bad fire in 2016 that caused a lot of damage and forced many people to leave. Last year’s fires were so big that they covered a large area and even made the air dirty on the U.S. East Coast. A weather system helped control a fire near Fort Nelson, BC, while a big fire in Cranberry Portage, MB, led to evacuations. Local, provincial, and national groups worked together, sending more firefighters and helping evacuees. They stressed the importance of being informed and ready for fires made worse by climate change. Measures like controlled burns and better land management are vital for preventing fires. Teaching communities about fire safety beforehand can help them deal with fires better.