The Los Angeles Unified School District has decided to stop students from using smartphones to avoid distractions and negative effects from social media on learning and mental health. The decision was made with a vote of 5-2 and requires a new rule within 120 days. Starting in January 2025, students will not be allowed to use cellphones or social media during school hours. Board member Nick Melvoin believes this change will help students, the city, and the country. Following U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s advice about mental health concerns related to social media, school leaders in Los Angeles are thinking about keeping phones in pouches or lockers during the school day. They are also finding ways to limit social media and support students of different ages and abilities, including those with learning or physical challenges. However, some board members, like George McKenna and Scott Schmerelson, worry that the rules will be hard to enforce. Los Angeles now joins many other school districts across the country in stopping students from using phones and social media.