The Amerigo Vespucci, renowned as Italy’s most exquisite vessel, is embarking on a global voyage that pays homage to its homeland, featuring temporary exhibitions highlighting Italian culture and products at various ports of call, authorities announced. Named after the famed explorer who lent his name to America, the tall ship Vespucci is a naval craft commissioned in 1931. Adorned with 2,700 square meters (29,000 square feet) of sails across its three masts, it boasts a crew exceeding 260 sailors alongside trainees. Departing from Genoa last July, it embarked on its first circumnavigation in two decades, spanning over 30 ports across five continents, aimed at enhancing the training of its crew.

The national expositions, known as Italy villages, will be inaugurated at eight ports, with the inaugural site launching in Los Angeles as disclosed by the defense ministry. Minister Guido Crosetto emphasized during a press briefing that they had successfully intertwined Vespucci’s historical significance with Italy, transforming an ancient artifact into a contemporary driving force. Further events are scheduled in cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, and Darwin, Australia. Pavilions overlooking the main squares of these Italian villages will host cooking demonstrations, lectures, and exhibitions, complemented by opportunities to board the Vespucci. Notably, the Los Angeles expo will feature an exhibition by Italy’s aerobatics team, the Frecce Tricolori, according to ministry sources. Having completed approximately half of its scheduled stops, the Vespucci anticipates returning to Italian waters by March 2025. Commanding officer Giuseppe Lai, speaking from aboard the vessel sailing near Mexico via video link, expressed that the vessel has a profound resonance with global Italian communities, stating that they possess the requisite elements to represent Italy admirably.