A famed sushi restaurant in Japan, Kura Sushi Inc., was the first to grow fish in tanks until they are ready to be used. This is to deal with the decreasing amount of fish caught in the country. The restaurant in Osaka Prefecture began growing red sea bream on its own in Anan, Tokushima in June 2019 and will start growing “hamachi” or amberjack in July. They aim to develop half-grown fish until they weigh more than a kilogram and will start using them in 2021.

Kura Sushi stated that almost 10 tons of young amberjack and 1 ton of young red sea bream were caught in a year. Half-grown fish that are not suitable for sushi are used to make other cuisines. The fish supply in Japan continues to fall based on the annual report of the Fisheries Agency while the global demand for fishery products and prices for famous fish used for sushi have increased. Kura Sushi’s executive director, Hiroyuki Hisamune, wished to maintain the cost of raised fish that consumers had taken and to expand the kinds of fish it farms depending on the success of the project.