A lot of people spend hours connecting themselves to the Internet and some of them can’t pull themselves away from it which results in addiction. Internet addiction, according to the researchers, is the excessive use of the Internet that negatively affects the life of a person. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Internet gaming disorder has been considered as a mental health condition.

But there’s a way on how to treat someone who has been under the influence of Internet addiction, and that is the short-term cognitive-behavioral therapy. It consists of 15 weeks of group and individual discussions on education about addiction, healthy use of the Internet, and its effect on everyday living. The study says that all of the 143 participants between ages 17 and 55 who passed the Assessment of Internet and Computer Game Addiction are men because they are more prone to Internet addiction. At the end of the treatment, patients established lower cases of addiction such as disconnection from the virtual world, distraction, and better social work.

The Internet is one of the best creations that humans ever made. But you should be responsible because too much use of the Internet can destroy someone’s life.