A report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Tokyo as the safest city in the globe for the third time. The 2019 Safe Cities Index (SCI) of the EIU has ranked 60 destinations worldwide in terms of digital security, health security, infrastructure, and personal security. This year, the EIU also paid attention to environmental factors and what it calls “urban resilience”: the strength of a city to bounce back from natural calamities. In accordance with the categories, Tokyo also topped the list in terms of its digital security while Singapore was higher in terms of infrastructure and personal security. Osaka, on the other hand, was ranked as the third next to Singapore.

The report also added that Tokyo and Osaka are foreseen to experience a reduction in population considering the low migration and low birth rates. This will help to cultivate the safety in the places but could be challenging to some countries that have a fast-rising population like China and India. On the other hand, Amsterdam was ranked fourth on the index. Sydney and London ranked 14th followed by New York. Other cities in Asia such as Beijing was ranked 31st and Shanghai was 32nd on the list.