2D-themed restaurants inspired by anime characters like Sailormoon, Pokemon, Ranma 1/2, etc. are popular in Japan. But, the new 2D Cafe in Tokyo’s Shin Okuno district seems to bring you to the real two-dimensional world where everything is black and white and hand-drawn.

It has a two-toned design from the facade down to its floors, tables, and chairs. All the furniture inside have a sketch line style and with its monochrome interior design, it can deceive anyone’s eyes. While most of the stuff within the cafe are of pure deception, some artworks are just flat-illustrations.

The cafe sells a wide range of bubble teas such as pineapple, blueberry, tomato, and mango flavors. They also offer Patbingsu, Korean-style shaved ice desserts, coffees, pies, and tapioca teas, which are popular in Japan nowadays. Because of 2D Cafe’s two-toned hue, the vibrant food and drinks will be the main highlight of one’s table.

People come to 2D Cafe not only to marvel at the interior design but also to enjoy some delightful desserts. If you ever get tired of the three-dimensional world, you can just visit this unusual cafe to relax.