The global tourism industry could take years to recover and get back up to its normal pace with the incorporation of social distancing according to the data and consulting firm. Some hotels and airlines announced enhanced cleaning procedures worldwide to keep the travelers at ease. Egypt would mostly have a western desert tour on their packages where social distancing will be observed. Resorts in Orlando Florida plans to put more spaces between riders on roller coasters. Casinos in Las Vegas, Boston, and Macau are planning to sanitize dice between users, provide fewer seats for the blackjacks players, and put an idle slot machine between players.

A managing director of a 106-year-old resort on Cape Cod plans to do guests’ checking in through cell phones, letting the opt-out of room service, and provide longer dining hours to assist fewer guests eating at the same time. A lot of people who depend on tourism are affected. In the U.S. alone, a vast number of people are laid off or furloughed according to Roger Dow, the president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. Governments in some places are helping the sector but the French government will help by paying at least 80% of furloughed hotel workers’ salaries. Some people remained optimistic like the owner of a tour and adventure provider in Bali, Indonesia who’s promoting his business on social media and received many positive responses from their clients.