Facebook announced last September 30 that it will begin its move to integrate new functions with social networking giants Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. This will allow users of Instagram to exchange messages with Messenger users without the need to create a Facebook account or switch between numerous apps. Apart from being able to message seamlessly across other applications, they are also adding more features such as selfie stickers, animated message effects, and new “reactions”. Soon they will add the “watch together” feature, where users can enjoy videos with other users while having a call and a “vanish mode” feature to make messages disappear after closing the chat.

This strategy by Facebook to integrate the three social networking sites was announced last year. For consumers, this move by the company may be seen as a great opportunity for cross-app communications. The industry observers on the other hand see the move as Facebook securing its top spot over the demographic in these messaging apps. Facebook will also roll out the new features on WhatsApp but did not elaborate any further with its timeline.