Whether you’re at work or school or even just at home, burnout happens to everyone. There are also different types of burnout like relationship and parental burnout; there’s also video game burnout. Working from home because of COVID-19 has also been causing burnout, so how do we overcome this? Doctoral candidate Stela Salminen from the University of Jyväskylä (pronounced as “Yuvaskula”), Finland says it should come from within.

According to Salminen’s studies, those who recovered from burnout have one thing in common: they somehow “influenced” their environment. This means that they defeated burnout by controlling what’s giving them stress. For example, if you’re having a hard time sleeping, why not change your sleeping habits? Sleep is a way to reset our bodies and minds, so it’s a very important factor to burnout recovery.

Another way is to separate professional and personal life, especially since the work-from-home setup has been causing stress lately. Finally, let’s not forget to give enough time to ourselves. Try to look for new hobbies and exercise routines. But of course, doing these things may not be easy. What we need is motivation, and we can find that from our close friends and family. Let’s begin self-recovery from burnout starting today!