An immense number of medical workers experienced trauma because of working in the intensive care unit during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, new research shows that doctors and nurses have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression, and some feel they are in a hopeless scenario. The UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that officials are contemplating putting recovering Covid-19 patients into hotels as a “backup plan,” such as the extreme pressure being placed on hospitals by the latest wave of infections. The UK recorded its second most lethal day since the start of the pandemic on January 12, 2020. It also reported 45,533 new cases, making the total case number to 3,117,882. England implemented its third national lockdown two weeks ago as it struggles to cope with the spread of a new, more infectious variant of the coronavirus. The UK government and senior health officials have advised that many hospitals are on the edge of being overwhelmed.

Psychotherapist and writer Owen O’Kane, who served as an NHS clinical lead for mental health and as a palliative care nurse before, told CNN that he was not surprised by the study’s results although they were quite shocking to read. It has been a harsh year so it did not startle him that the staff is struggling. According to him, medical workers are used to dealing with stressful surroundings. Also, they are used to dealing with death and tough choices — but he thinks the part of the challenge at the moment is that it is unceasingly intense. There is no real pause. They are constantly dealing with difficult situations and watching lots of people die.