China unveiled the CR400AF-G train – the newest high-speed bullet train made to withstand extreme weather conditions. The CR400AF-G train can run at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour under temperatures as low as -40 degrees celsius. The train can also carry as many as 1,080 passengers at a time. It will connect the Chinese capital, Beijing with northeastern destinations including Shenyang and Harbin. The Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission stated that the service will begin operation soon, but the exact date is yet to be announced.

The developers have taken steps to ensure the safety of its passengers even in intensely cold weather conditions, such as adding unique braking and electrical heating systems. “For instance, if the train stops in Harbin (one of China’s coldest cities) for an hour, because of the extremely cold weather, the braking system can easily freeze if it stops moving for a while. The new system will enable the brakes to move from time to time even if the train stops, like a person who stamps his feet to keep warm in cold weather,” said Zhou Song, the director of the China Railway Beijing Group. According to them, there are already 1,036 Fuxing bullet trains operating since 2017 which have handled a combined 827 million passengers trips and have covered 836 million kilometers.