Charm Torres is a 28-year-old astrologer from Toronto, Canada. Her business boomed since the coronavirus spread worldwide in 2020 through virtual sessions. Most of her clients are from North America and reach as far as the Philippines, her home country, to the east. One interesting thing to note is that the majority of her clients are young adults such as herself, and teens.

The effects of the 2020 pandemic have caused people to consult astrologers in their time of need. Some seek advice on what job to look for after losing their previous ones, whereas others search for a new career while in the comfort of their homes. Perhaps they desire support, more knowledge, and connection, but there are more factors to consider why people turn to star reading.

Western astrology or horoscopes have already taken the attention of young adults through social media even before the pandemic started. However, due to technological advances, change in beliefs, and the coronavirus, astrology took another step in popularity. Google Trends even showed that “birth chart” and “astrology” have the highest searches in five years. According to Torres, astrology has this unique way of “getting us more connected to life” when we feel disconnected from the rest.

Most individuals see astrology as a tool of self-reflection when in doubt. It’s no surprise that people seek advice from astrologers and the stars when they struggle to understand a bigger part of themselves, or are simply curious about things. With modern technology and the changing generation, astrology seems like it will eventually be part of anyone’s daily life.