Pets are excellent buddies. The bond that we share with them is one of the strongest we can have in our lives. But is this love putting our online security in danger? According to a report organized by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), millions of people still use pet names as passwords for online accounts.

The NCSC data shows that 15% of British people use their pet’s name as passwords, followed by 14% who use a family member’s name, 13% who use important dates, and 6% who use their favorite sports team. Hackers may guess popular pet names or check social media profiles for information, making these accounts easy targets. Communications Director at NCSC, Nicola Hudson reminded users that using pet names as passwords could make accounts easy targets for cyber-criminals. This reasoning also applies to other personal information you have like birthdays and family names.

NCSC reminds internet users to use stronger passwords such as three unconnected words. They also advised people to update devices regularly and to avoid using dates or pet names for passwords. By following these tips, our online accounts can be safer.