Silicon Valley tech enterprises Google and Facebook have recently announced that they will be imposing vaccinations to all their employees returning to the office. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the policy would be extended in the United States in the coming weeks, followed by other regions in the next months. “Getting vaccinated is one of the most important ways to keep ourselves and our communities healthy in the months ahead,” Pichai said. Although, after the initial plan of ending its work-from-home period in September, it will be postponed until October 18 for all employees to return to the office due to the current spike in COVID-19 Delta cases. There is no clear plan yet on how Google will enforce the said protocol. Meanwhile, social media giant Facebook is aiming for a “process for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons and will be evaluating its approach in other regions as the situation evolves,” said Facebook Vice President of People Lori Goler.

In a recent doleful address from the East Room of the White House, US President Joe Biden announced that all federal employees and contractors are required to be vaccinated or submit to regular testing and mitigation requirements, as he deplored the “American tragedy” of deaths among unvaccinated individuals. “Right now, too many people are dying or watching someone they love die and say, ‘If I’d just got the vaccine,’” Biden said.