Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now find out whether it is going to rain in the next two hours. Scientists at Google-owned British AI lab DeepMind and the University of Exeter, together with the Meteorological Office (Met Office) in the United Kingdom, are planning to build the new ‘nowcasting’ system. The new AI system can produce more accurate short-term forecasts, including deadly storms and floods.

The effects of climate change are challenging the ways meteorologists predict certain weather patterns. According to Met Office partnerships and product innovation head Niall Robinson, extreme weather can result in damages and loss of life. “Given that, better short-term weather forecasts can help people stay safe.”

In an experiment, the AI system was able to see common patterns of rainfall. 50 Met Office meteorologists found 89% of the cases to be accurate. “This will be important for reducing the dangerous effects of climate change today, and could possibly save lives.” DeepMind senior scientist Shakir Mohamed said.