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New Google AI system to predict rain in next two hours


©Getty Images via BBC Pre-reading questions: I will read each question. Then, please answer them. 講師がそれぞれの質問を読むので答えましょう。 Do you always bring an umbrella when you go outside? What is the weather in your city right now? Vocabulary: I will read the words, meanings, and sample sentences. Then, repeat after me. 単語、意味、例文を読みます。講師に続いて音読しましょう。 accurate /AK-yer-it/ [adjective] – correct, exact, and without any mistakes Please make sure all the details in the report are accurate. forecast /FAWR-kast/ [noun] – a statement of what is judged likely to happen in the future, especially in connection with a particular situation, or the expected weather conditions Maya is hoping for a good weather forecast next week. predict…
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