China has restricted the construction of “super high-rise buildings” in smaller cities, its latest move to crack down costly vanity projects. The country houses some of the world’s mega towers, which includes the 128-story and 623-meter high, Shanghai Tower. Chinese citizens took to social media site Weibo to express their opinions, with some saying that super-high skyscrapers were “not needed… they’re just gimmicky”. “We’re in a stage where people are too impetuous and anxious to produce something that can actually go down in history,” Zhang Shangwu, deputy head of Tongji University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning said in an interview with South China Morning Post. “Every building aims to be a landmark, and the developers and city planners try to achieve this goal by going extreme in novelty and strangeness.”

There is already an existing ban on buildings higher than 500 meters but the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with the Ministry of Emergency, has imposed tighter limits on October 26, 2021. The new rules state that cities with populations of less than three million people will be restricted from building skyscrapers taller than 150 meters (492 ft). Meanwhile, those with populations larger than that will be restricted from buildings taller than 250 meters. Those who allow projects that violate these new rules will be held to “lifelong accountability”.