The world is warming as a result of human-caused fossil fuel emissions. The attention has shifted to what we can do to decrease our negative environmental effect as the COP26 summit approaches. So, how are people in the public eye in Wales reducing their carbon footprint in their private lives?

Sophie Howe’s responsibility as the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is to encourage public organizations and politicians to consider the long-term consequences of their policies. She went on to say that anyone may make changes, including ones she had made herself. She also mentioned making minor changes like avoiding plastic bottles, refilling glass bottles, and using reusable pads to remove one’s makeup could be options./br>
The Welsh Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, is aware of the necessity of environmental conservation. According to Ms. James, people might be astonished to learn how old many of her clothes are and how many appliances she has around her house that have been fixed rather than replaced. She also stated that “little changes are required” and that “more effort can always be made.”