When the personnel in a pub or bar is polite and helpful, it enhances the overall experience. On the other hand, dealing with an unpleasant person who serves your pint or margarita has the potential to greatly lower your enjoyment. The bartender can even become a buddy and confidant for those who have a preferred drinking establishment, according to Harry Gordon Johnson, a notable Canadian economist.

On the other hand, those bartenders may soon cease to be human. Cecilia is a robotic bartender who is like Alexa on an Amazon Echo speaker or Siri on an iPhone, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to mix and serve cocktails and chat with customers.

You can tell her what cocktail you want, or you can order it on the touchscreen below and pay with your credit card or phone. The drink is then blended and prepared inside the vending machine before being served in a glass to you. Elad Kobi is the CEO of Cecilia.AI, the Israeli startup behind the technology.