If the personnel in a pub or bar are nice and helpful, it enhances your enjoyment of the experience. Having to deal with a grumpy individual serving your pint or margarita, on the other hand, has the potential to drastically lower your happiness levels.

The person behind the bar can even become a buddy and confidant for those who have a favorite drinking establishment. “The greatest success of a bartender resides in his ability to exactly suit his customer,” stated noted Canadian economist Harry Gordon Johnson. On the other hand, those bartenders may soon cease to be human. Cecilia is a robotic bartender who mixes and serves cocktails and communicates with clients using artificial intelligence (AI) in the same manner as Alexa on an Amazon Echo speaker or Siri on an iPhone can. The machine resembles a tall fruit machine, but it has an animated female barmaid named Cecilia on a huge, upright television screen.

You can either tell her what cocktail you want or order it on the touchscreen below and pay with your credit card or phone. After that, your drink is blended and prepared inside the machine before being delivered into a glass at the vending machine. “Cecilia works on voice recognition and AI technology,” explains Elad Kobi, CEO of Cecilia.AI, the Israeli company that developed the technology. “She can communicate with consumers, and when they choose a specific cocktail, she can mix it live,” the business claims.