Apple fans were surprised by the company’s latest update (iOS15.4) that offers a convenient feature. Users of iPhone 12 or later models can now unlock their devices using Face ID while wearing a mask. But the question is: is it safe?

The user needs to take several detailed photos of their faces to activate this option. The device can recognize specific and important parts of the face like eyes, the tip of the nose, birthmarks or freckles on the forehead, and so on. This would be helpful for iPhone users who had to physically remove their masks to show their entire faces just to unlock their phones. It might feel kind of unsafe if they were in a public place, or if they had not yet been able to clean their hands before touching their face mask.

Creators have been working on this function for two years since the COVID-19 health issue started. But of course, not-so-good things should also be considered. Apple warns users that “face ID is most accurate when it’s set up for full-face recognition only.”