Children from Bristol’s inner city have created their own climate change podcast, sharing their thoughts, feelings, visions, and dreams. The Freedom Kids Podcast is a show created by kids aged five to thirteen who play at Easton’s Felix Road Adventure Playground. Each episode, produced by Eastside Community Trust, focuses on a different topic, such as air quality and food. Abdi, who is ten years old, said the podcast allowed him to express himself. Children discussed their concerns about burning fossil fuels, the effects of people pouring plastic into the water, and why some of them were vegetarians in a five-minute program. Araceli Cabrera Caceres, an experience play-worker and artist, founded the podcast, which has just concluded recording its second season, which focuses on climate change.

It is financed by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund and is part of Eastside Community Trust’s Community Climate Action program. The lottery fund is a £100 million pool of money that will be distributed over ten years to help communities across the UK combat climate change. The manager of Felix Road Adventure Playground said: “We’ve been going for about two years I think. Each episode gets between 100 and 150 listeners. “They will go on to talk about all the things that you know matter to them. We think it’s a great example of children’s voice and influence,” he added. Iris, a 10-year-old podcaster, said the best thing about the podcast was that it allowed her to voice her thoughts on many topics. “When I’m older and I want to show the world that we can make a change,” she says.