Birdwatcher Christian Cooper will now have his own show on the National Geographic Channel entitled “Extraordinary Birder”. The TV network says that Cooper’s show will take viewers on a trip through the “wild, wonderful, and arbitrary world of birds” in the US. He does everything it takes to learn about this splendid feathery species. Cooper, 59, said National Geographic approached him a year and a half ago about a series. He said, “I was all in.” “I love spreading the gospel of birding.” National Geographic stated in a news report that the first episode will debut in 2023.

Last week, he posted on Facebook his exhilaration. “Birding has exploded in popularity recently, and I’m looking forward to putting a spotlight on these amazing creatures and the extraordinary birders who love them and work to protect them!” he added. Birding or birdwatching is the observation of birds for leisure or as part of a citizen science activity. A person interested in birdwatching has the choice of utilizing their sight, devices such as binoculars, or a telescope, listening for bird sounds, or viewing public webcams to observe birds. These options are all accessible. Because it is easier to detect and identify a large number of bird species via the use of one’s ears than it is through the use of one’s eyes, birdwatching often needs a fundamental emphasis on the use of one’s ears rather than one’s eyes. The vast majority of people who observe birds do it for leisure or social purposes, as opposed to ornithologists, who perform scientific research on birds using rigorous procedures.