From its places to its food, Dubai is full of amazing things. It has the world’s tallest buildings and the world’s deepest pool. In line with that, a number of restaurants in the city have been given Michelin stars. This is the first time this has happened in the Middle East.

A Michelin Star is given to food places with great meals. They look at the quality of the ingredients, how well the flavors go together, how well the chef knows how to cook, how the chef works, and, just as importantly, how good the food is over time and across the whole menu. Last June 21, the Michelin Guide Dubai 2022 came out. It lists 69 restaurants. Eleven food locations got Michelin stars, and 44 more were “selected by Michelin.”

This is great news for the big town of Dubai. It is well-known not only for its beautiful places but also for its delicious food spots. People need to visit the Middle Eastern location soon.