Consider giving a speech, but instead of looking down at your notes, the words scroll in front of your eyes in any direction you look.

That’s just one of the many features smart contact lens manufacturers promise will be available in the future. Consider yourself a musician, with your lyrics or chords in front of you. Or you’re an athlete with your biometrics, distance, and other pertinent information. Mojo’s Steve Sinclair is developing smart contact lenses. His company is about to begin extensive testing of smart contact lenses on humans, which will provide the wearer with a heads-up display that appears to float in front of their eyes. The product’s scleral lens (a larger lens that extends to the whites of the eyes) not only corrects the user’s vision but also includes a tiny microLED display, smart sensors, and solid-state batteries. He claimed that they had created a fully functional prototype that could be worn. That will be tested internally very soon.

Smart lenses are being developed to collect health data. They can also offer extended-release drug delivery options, which can help with diagnosis and treatment plans. It’s exciting to see how far technology has come and the potential it has to improve patients’ lives. By tracking biomarkers such as light levels, cancer-related molecules, or the amount of glucose in tears, researchers are working to develop lenses that can diagnose and treat medical conditions ranging from eye conditions to diabetes and even cancer.