Amazon has increased the use of robots as the need for cost-cutting measures grows and sales growth slows. Almost 75 percent of the packages that the business has shipped have already been handled by a robotic device. The Sparrow, its newest robot, can pick up items before they are placed in boxes and can freely move with workers on the warehouse floor. Amazon will also start using drones to deliver goods in the US later this year. However, Tye Brady, Amazon Robotics’ chief technology officer, says that this will reach 100%, or almost, in the next five years. “Jobs will change for sure, but the need for humans will always be there,” Mr. Brady said. Dwight Klappich, research vice president for Gartner’s logistics branch, notes that the lack of human workers has caused businesses to spend more money on robotics. Amazon’s drones will transport 500 million packages per year by the end of the decade. Still, that will only represent a small portion of the 5 billion shipments per year that the corporation claims it currently manages.